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July 11, 2002

Validation Victory

Ah, victory. Earlier I ranted about how this page wouldn’t validate because Blogger’s permalinks are all numbers, and an id="" attribute can’t start with a number. Well, today I had a “Duh” moment, inspired by a post on CSS-discuss, and I fixed it in my template. So, now I’m the proud pappy of a valid HTML 4.01 weblog. Of course, it’s killed all my permalinks, but I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody’s used them anyway.

Bad Site, No Donut

More from the “They just don’t get it” file: These jackanapes are so (a) Lazy or (b) Full of themselves that they can’t design a liquid site, and then they have the big brass balls to actually give people directions on how to change their screen resolution! Never mind that they don’t understand people might be using something other than Windows, or might have two monitors at different resolution (me), or might like their resolution just the way it is, thank you very much.

You can continue as you are, but we warned that the site will not be viewed correctly as intended by the web designer….

Oooohh, scary. I especially like the fact that at 640×480 their main site is nothing but a white screen. If only the rest of us were so lucky.

July 10, 2002

Web Resources

Now open for general use (well, it’s actually for my own use, but if anyone finds it handy they’re welcome to it) is my Web Design Resource Guide. Just a list of sites I find myself going to most often while I’m doing web design. Keep ’em out of the Bookmarks file and give ’em a nice warm home of their own.

July 9, 2002

What year are they living in

It’s happening all over again. has an article about web developers, and how most of them are choosing to develop strictly for Internet Explorer, at the detriment of all other browsers. They keep parroting the same line that it takes longer to code for different browsers. Jeez, what year are they living in, anyway? Write your page to XHTML, use CSS1, CSS2 if you’re feeling brave, and that’s it. IE6 and Mozilla should display it the same. Just like my site. Just like another site I did for Resource Concepts, Inc. Why does everybody act like it’s still 1998 and the two major browsers need completely different markup?

Steve Champeon cuts through the article with a hot knife of his own over at

Meet the new site, same as the old site

Site launch today. Now open for business, Check it out, take a look around.

Looks familiar, doesn’t it? I like domain names without hyphens.

July 3, 2002


Another fire, this one at Lake Tahoe. The smoke plume is directly to the west of here, making for a creepy sunset tonight.

July 2, 2002


I’ve been reading through some James Lileks this morning, and again I’m struck by what a flat out good writer this guy is. It seems like I “rediscover” his site every few months, and each time I’m delighted all over again, and I start exploring new nooks and crannies that I hadn’t found the last time. Of particular note is “The Bleat”, his name for his weblog. For me to craft stories like this – because that’s what they really are; not just ‘blog entries, but well-crafted stories – it would take me all day and you’d end up with something not even a quarter as witty. He seems to do it in the spare time between getting home from work and playing with his daughter. Unreal.

The real meat of the site, though, is in his explorations of the timeless past. Dredging up bygone pop culture in The Institute of Official Cheer; beating up on bad comics; and generally cataloging other things created before 1970.

Plan on spending a week or three at this site.