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August 8, 2002

No Bible Thumpers

Gotta get one of these.

Killing Themselves has dredged up the 20-year old record of the case where the Motion Picture industry tried to kill the VCR in its infancy. Doc has pulled out relevant parts of the transcript, where Jack Valenti basically says that the VCR will ruin the movie industry, Hollywood is doomed, and the Japanese are out to “destroy” American films.

Fast Forward to Present Day. Which makes more money: the original theatrical release, or subsequent video rentals and sales? Thought so.

Now these same people are trying to kill digital media in the same way, for the same reasons. And I’ll bet you anything that if they’re stopped, in 20 years their business models will have evolved in the same way, and they’ll be making untold billions off those digital media. It’s like a Darwin fish protesting its legs, “But I can’t swim with these…”


The Computer Vet is Lynx-friendly!

See the benefits of standards? Looks good anywhere.