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August 13, 2002

Good Stuff

Bunch of good stuff happening already this week.

First, Dan Gillmor says that we’re losing the copyright battle without a single shot being fired. Media companies are pushing stricter and stricter copyright laws and enforcements through Congress all the time, and all we’re doing is writing to each other about it. This isn’t the way a good protest is run – nobody’s finding out about it. We’re not publicizing our side of the story, and the media has already turned it into a battle of good vs. evil, latching on to the “with us or against us” vibe that seems to have become really popular in the past year. The issue is not black and white, but only one side of the message is getting out.

Next, Scott Rosenberg reviews and contrasts two books, one showing how clueless Big Business execs were (and still are) about the Web, and the other showing all the real uses for the Web that us little people were inventing while BigBiz was trying to “capture” our “eyeballs”. On a related note, Curt Cloninger says that he already has a life, thank you, and being connected on the computer is a part of it.

An article about how CARP is killing Internet radio stations, with a focus on college radio.

The New York Times is at it again.

And today’s only Tuesday.