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August 14, 2002

Brainless For Dinner

A little bit of Zen brainlessness available at toothpaste for dinner.

TIPS Forms

Speaking of Operation TIPS, remember to download your forms!

Bad Stuff

Yesterday was the good stuff, today is the bad stuff. And the world stays in balance.

A bunch of Congresscritters are asking Wacko General John Ashcroft to start arresting people for downloading music using file-sharing services. I suppose that’s one of the things your meter reader can report when he peeks in your window.

The FBI is aware of the practices of “wardriving” and “warchalking”, and presumably intends to arrest its practitioners for, among other things, theft of services. Reminds me of a Doonesbury cartoon from a few weeks back.

And on top of it all, temperatures here have been pushing 100 all week.

On a positive note – I’m still able to call the Attorney General of the US a wacko in a public place without being arrested. I hope.