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September 6, 2002

Seattle, My Love

Well now I’m all teary-eyed about Seattle. I had to find another site about the city. I especially like the directions:

Just find I-90 and drive West or I-5 and drive North.

Weather update here: Now it’s not only sunny and bluey-skiey, but also windy. Doesn’t get any worse than that.

I hate Nevada weather

Just hate it. It’s always so sunny and bluey-skiey here. We get something like 300+ days of sunshine here, and it really ticks me off. I know there’s a lot of chipper folks out there who embrace blue skies and think anywhere called “The Sunbelt” is a dandy fine place to live – that’s not me. I need grey skies, drizzly days, overcast conditions to feed my soul. I know there’s a place for people like me, and believe me – I’ll be there someday.

So today I woke up to see these nice grey clouds rolling in over the mountains. By mid-morning they’d descended upon us, and I thought we had the makings of a perfectly lovely day. I spent a few hours locked away in my basement here at the office, and when I finally emerged, what did I see? It was all sunny and bluey-skiey again. Now, that pretty much screwed up my mood for the day. And on a Friday, even.

I hate Nevada weather.


Herr Zeldman is back on the trail again with “99.9% of Websites Are Obsolete”. It’s more standards evangelism, from the guy who has grown to personify the term. It still smells a little bit like preaching to the choir, especially since it was published in Digital Web magazine, but the good news is that it’s only a small portion of his next book. It warms my heart to know that this kind of writing will be on the shelf next to “Learn FrontPage in 24 hours!” We’re slowly hammering the point home.

Something tells me that this article is going to be better recevied than Jakob Nielsen’s “Flash: 99% Bad

Ooh ooh ooh

I think this page is hands-down, the single best web-related thing I’ve seen a major corporation do all year.