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November 6, 2002

Nevada Hates Gays

It’s official — the fag-haters have had their way, and I have never been more ashamed to call myself a Nevadan. Question 2 passed handily last night, mandating a change to the Constitution that says, Only a marriage between a male and a female will be recognized in this state. What century is this? Aren’t we supposed to be an enlightened people now? Is this still the 1950’s, with the “queers” running around threatening the rest of us “normal” folk? What’s next? A law banning gays from even entering the state? I can imagine it now: California already has their Agricultural Inspection stations along the border, now Nevada is going to set up Sexual Orientation Inspection stations. Armed guards will stop all cars and search the occupant’s wallets for pictures of signifigant others. Cars with a man and a woman, preferably with kids, will be waved through. Rainbow bumper stickers, Barbra Streisand CDs, or any pink clothing will be grounds for immediate arrest.

Jesus, it can’t be far behind.

One of the proponent’s biggest arguments was that if this law isn’t passed, Nevada’s schools were going to start teaching homosexuality. Now that’s FUD at a level that the tech industry hasn’t even reached yet. And the people freaking bought it! Everybody here is apparently so afraid of their kids turning gay that they’ll do anything to stop it, and it doesn’t matter what consenting adults they have to step on along the way. This law was designed to prop up archane ideals, and to protect people from the inevitable tide of progress. It used to be illegal for blacks and women to vote, too. And look what happened there.

Nevada is like the shriveled black tumor in the colon of the nation. People here are of two kinds: the ones who haven’t looked outside the border in a hundred years, and the ones who came here to escape California. The problem is: where do you go to escape Nevada? My vote is for Seattle, and after yesterday’s election, I’m that much closer to hopping on the next train.