November 7, 2002

Mr Scott, Jinxer of Cable Modems

I must have some kind of Net curse following me around. Last week the T1 line at work went out. Now, the cable modem at home is on the fritz. And – again – I’m posting through AOL. Steve Case, what would I do without thee?

At least I know it’s nothing that’s my fault this time. I can still access all of Charter Pipeline’s servers, I just can’t get past them to the outside world. Plus, half of the cable TV channels are out right now too. And we’re having the most raging storm outside that we’ve had since May. Gosh — if I put the clues together, it sure doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

So what does this mean? No distractions, nothing to keep me up, so it’s a perfect chance to actually get to bed early for once. I better go before everything gets fixed.

Update: Oh balls, it’s back. Wasn’t fast enough.

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