November 20, 2002

Fun With Lindows

Last week I ordered a new computer for work, and it arrived today. It’s nothing special, just a little junker from Wintergreen (Their motto: “We put the ‘cheap’ in ‘cheap ass computers’!”)

The real news, though, is not the new computer I bought, but the fact that it came pre-installed with Lindows. Yes, I’ve been such a busy little OS beaver lately that I had to go out and buy a Lindows box too. My five-minute first impression? Eh. It’s stuck halfway between Windows and “Real Linux”; based on KDE but heavily customized to have My Documents, Control Panel, and a built-in Samba client for connecting to Windows shares. And it really did integrate itself into my Windows network. Then again, I’m sure I could get RedHat to do that.

More later.

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