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February 7, 2003

Nice Big (Ad) Unit

“It’s a nice, big ad unit,” said Jason Krebs, vice president of advertising sales for the “We’re trying to make the most of what the Internet can offer.”

Suuure. Because you know the ads aren’t big enough now.

Big John

Big John has burst onto the scene with what I think is his first article. He’s known on the CSS-Discuss mailing list as the guy to turn to for browser bugs, especially in Internet Explorer. That’s what his site is all about. Now, at Digital-Web, he has an article on — guess what — Internet Explorer bugs! Go Big John!


I’ve spent the last two days wrestling with a hard drive with a bad FAT table. This thing was pooched by a combination of GoBack and my own stupid hastiness. Who knew you’d have to uninstall GoBack before messing around with the MBR? Anyway, this computer belongs to the boss’ wife, so it was kind of in my best interest to find a way to get the drive back, fast. And I don’t normally do endorsements here, but right now my ass is being saved by GetDataBack.They’ve got $69 of my company’s money, but I’ve got a working hard drive and a stress-free weekend, so I guess that’s a good trade-off.

Twitchy Host

Looks like my web host is being a little twitchy today. When I try to bring up the site in IE, I get server errors all over the place. Bringing it up in Mozilla or Opera is fine, though. Huh? Since when does the browser affect server errors?

Maybe it’s just me. Anyone else on IE having problems? (And if you were, how could you even be reading this?) This happens about every six months with them, and this time it’s the same week they raised their prices. Good thing for them I’m lazy and don’t want to switch hosts right now.