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February 11, 2003

Embrace file-sharing, or die

John Snyder in Salon: Embrace file-sharing, or die.

Music has become fungible. People are going through it faster than toilet paper. Never in the history of the world has there been more music in the air and never have more people listened to music. Out of this incredible desire and need for music, surely some good must come. I think more opportunity than ever is available to the musician and songwriter, and the record company too. They just have to create new ways to deal with this opportunity, and it won’t be by the old rules.

I think that if it weren’t for all of this activity on the Internet and all of this downloaded music, the CD market would be suffering more than it is. MP3s are lessening the decline of the music business, not creating it.

John Snyder is in the music business himself, although I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Artist House Records. Googling it just turns up more links to this article.


Not that anyone cares anymore (it seems like there’s always someone celebrating their first year), but I’ve been doing this for a year now.

Also, in more important news, It’s my wife birthday today. Happy birthday, Vi-Jo!

Why Not

Aw hell, I know everybody else is going to be linking to this, so I might as well do it too.

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