February 13, 2003

Unheard Bands

In the comments of a post from a couple of days ago I was pointed to the band Carbon Leaf. I checked them out, and it’s pretty good stuff with a nice Celtic slant to it. On their website they have a few samples for download, and they also have some tracks on MP3.com. Worth a listen if you have some music time in your day.

Also worth a listen is a band I stumbled across, Lazy Fingers. I don’t like country music, so it’s rare for a guitar and fiddle band to catch my ear. But catch it they did. Since they’re from Austin, some of their tunes have the requisite amount of twang, but it’s the songs without that really stood out for me. Their version of the old Herbie Hancock standard “Cantaloupe Island” was one, since for a moment at the start they actually made me think their fiddle was a trumpet. Some of the other numbers are just downright jazzy. And on their site they have eight full tracks for download. Always a good way to get some attention!

Have a listen!

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  1. Ben says:

    Check this up and comming band! Thev’e had great reviews. take a listen on the links below. leave them a message and tell them what u think.




    Posted May 11, 2005 @ 8:27 am

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