July 16, 2003

Yakkin’ ‘bout ‘Zilla

People are starting to yak about the whole Mozilla/Netscape thing.

Jeffrey Zeldman: “AOL resembled a criminally demented parent, pinning its child’s arms so a bully could more easily beat the kid to a pulp.

Simon Willison: “Now more than ever, the web standards movement needs to make itself heard.

Douglas Bowman: “It leaves me wondering how much longer we’ll continue to see completely free browser distribution and innovation.

Anil Dash: “It occurs to me that it might be worthwhile for Google to bankroll the Mozilla Foundation.

News.com: “The company plans to continue to support current versions of the Netscape browser and the Netscape Web portal.

Craig Salia: “Just yesterday I was arguing that it would live on for quite a while. Seems I was wrong.

Dave Shea: “AOL executives [will be] surprised to discover ‘foresight’ carelessly crossed out of their dictionaries.

Dan Cody: “The good news is that Mozilla won’t have the suits who never knew how to deal with open source software calling the shots anymore.

Dan Gillmor: “Mozilla matters. Despite the downside of today’s moves, it still has a future.

I think the last one sums up my thoughts best.

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