July 28, 2003

Clean up XP

And since Windows XP is going to be with us for so long, we might as well learn how to make it run at its best. That’s what this article by Fred Langa does. It’s a 20-step checklist for what to do when you buy a new computer with XP pre-installed. He starts with simple things like making sure all the software works, and makes his way up to adjusting the swapfile and System Restore. He also recommends formatting the hard drive and reinstalling XP, I guess just to make sure that you’ll be able to do it if you ever have any problems. That step seems a little out of place in a beginner-to-intermediate article like this. Not only does it seem like overkill, it also seems like if you’re at that level of knowledge, you’ll already have your own process for making sure the computer runs at it best. I mean, I rarely buy a pre-built computer, sticking mostly with buying parts and building systems myself. But when I do buy pre-installed, formatting the hard drive isn’t exactly on my list of things to do.

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