July 31, 2003

Sick of MS Exchange yet? I am.

Just for fun, I decided to further my experiments with Exchange by cleaning up the biggest mailbox on the system, my boss’. I took a preliminary reading of the Folder Size. 544MB. Ye-ouch! Then I created a second mailbox, and proceeded to copy all of his messages into the new box. He had a couple dozen personal folders set up, I copied them. He had over a thousand contacts, I copied them. he had 500 Sent Items, I copied them. I recreated his mailbox exactly, with the exact same items. I checked the item counts on every folder to make sure they were identical. I went to the Exchange Administrator program to do a mailbox-wide count of items. 9,758. Identical. Then I looked at the Folder Size on the new mailbox. 377MB.

167 megabytes. In one mailbox, there was 167 megabytes of wasted space. That’s astounding. I guess at this point it doesn’t matter where it all came from. My money is still on that botched defrag. But now I am faced with the task of going through every mailbox and cleaning it up like this. And that doesn’t sound too thrilling. My Exchange database is sitting at 2.3GB right now. It’ll be interesting to see how far it shrinks once I’ve gotten rid of all this garbage.

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