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August 1, 2003

Parting Shots

We’ve just finished the wettest July we’ve had in a long time, with nearly half the days ending in a thunderstorm of some sort. The poor trees around here don’t know what to do. “Water? In the middle of summer? Has the world gone mad?!” And I swear the clouds knew it was the end of the month, so they decided to put on a particularly spectacular show for us yesterday, capping it off with a hailstorm. Don’t get hail ’round these parts much, but Mother Nature thought she should pull out all the stops for her big finish.

And then, as midnight closed in, someone decided it was time for an encore. Around 10 o’clock last night another storm blew through, dumping another few truckloads of water. I took that as July’s way of saying, “So long!”, and hosing down the stadium before it left.