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August 4, 2003

Your freedom will begin…now.

The wife has vacated herself from Casa del Schrantz. She’s headed up to a week-long women’s retreat at her cousin’s chalet in Lake Tahoe. The whole thing has been organized by her very industrious cousin, Jackie. And yes, it is being called a “Women’s Retreat”. No men allowed, thank you. Friends and family are flying in from Washington to go to this thing. There will be tea time with costumes and homemade hats. There will be a mystery concert, where the only details she got were, “Dress warm!” And Viola, of course, will be the prime attraction, with her pregnant belly well on display for everyone to fawn over.

And I will be keeping things warm here in the land of Bachelorhood. This isn’t a place I get to visit often. Once a year, maybe, she’ll go away somewhere without me. Last year she went to L.A., and I squandered the whole weekend painting the living room. There will no such shenanigans this time. I intend to enjoy myself.

Okay, so probably at nine o’clock tonight I’ll get lonely and bored and start missing her. And then I’ll squander the whole week ripping up carpet or working on the bathroom. But it’s a good dream, isn’t it?