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August 11, 2003


A couple of months ago I wrote that it was possibly my wife Viola’s last day working for the Carson City School District. And it turned out that I was right. Today she got hired with Douglas County, doing the same thing, sign language interpreter for the deaf kids.

This is actually the full-time position she’s been waiting for. She was a sub in Carson City for two years, and they kept dangling a full-time job in front of her nose. They gave her two interviews, and promised that there would be a third one “any day now”. But, they always hired someone else, or worse, hired no one and made Viola stay on as a “full-time sub” with lower pay and no benefits.

So she gave up on Carson City and went down south to Douglas County. She had her first interview today, then two hours later she got the call saying she had the job. She starts on Wednesday. Now that’s what I call service!

Of course, she can only work about four weeks before she goes on maternity leave. If she can make it that long on her surgery-riddled ankles. But she knows she has a job to go back to afterward. And, for her, that’s the best feeling there is.