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August 12, 2003

Who watches the Google Watchers?

Some time ago, Daniel Brandt became unhappy because his site wasn’t listed highly enough on Google. So he started, wherein he proceeded to rip apart everything he doesn’t like about Google and generally rant about how PageRank is elitist and broken. Most reasonable people ignored him, but a few journalists latched onto the idea and either bought into it or presented it as a story, usually a one-sided one. Recently Chris Beasley saw how one-sided the debate was becoming and decided to step in to do a little debunking, and started up Herein he rants about how Daniel Brandt is driven by nothing more than a personal vendetta, and how PageRank is still the best way to rank sites.

I’m on Chris Beasley’s side myself, but it’s still fun to watch the whole thing unfold. If the original clash made for a good story, this new battle surely will make some journalist happy. After all, like Doc Searls said, the press loves a good fight story. Of course, maybe they’ve already framed it as Daniel Brandt vs. Google, and tossing a third actor into the mix might make things too complicated. Or they might play up the new conflict as Chris Beasley vs. Daniel Brandt. Or they might not touch it at all. Can’t wait to see.

And how long can it be now before goes live?