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August 15, 2003

Oy. Just Oy.

Sweet Jesus, Jethro’s done it. The Beverly Hillbillies Casino, which originally was going to be a safe distance away in Reno, and then looked like it had gone away for good, is now going to be built five miles away from my house. I’m going to have to look at this ugly thing every time I drive to work. Every time I come home from work. Every time I do anything in Carson City, it’ll be right there. Yeah. What he said.

I’m going to go cry now. As soon as I’m done vomiting.

Why does this scare me?

In the 90’s, Max Baer Jr., known to everyone as Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies, started a love affair with the Reno/Tahoe casino industry. He wanted to build a Beverly Hillbillies casino (the links are broken on that page, I recreated them here) in Reno, an awful Las Vegas-style monstrosity that would have featured “Granny’s Shotgun Weddin’ Chapel”, the “Beverly Hillbillies Limousine” service, “Elly May’s Buns” bakery, and a 200-foot high oil rig that would shoot fire. Be sure to check out all those links. Those were the actual promotional materials for this place, which would have fit right in on the Las Vegas Strip, but was woefully out of place in Reno. The plan kicked around for years before it finally fell apart, and Jethro disappeared in to the shadows.

That’s one of today’s convergent stories. The other story is of the NSA-level secrecy regarding the future of the old Wal*Mart building in Carson City. Wal*Mart built their new Super Center outside of town, and the hulk of the old store has been abandoned for about a year now. A California developer bought it a couple of months ago, but he refused to tell anybody his plans for it. Now he’s scheduled an announcement for 1pm today to unveil his plans for the building. And who’s going to be there at his right hand to answer questions? Good old Jethro.

No no no no no, my mind keeps screaming. Not another crappy casino. Carson City has its share of crappy casinos. We just turned a hardware store into a crappy casino; the old Lucky Spur is being remodeled into a sports bar; we don’t need to do the same to the Wal*Mart. And we especially don’t need Jethro involved. Send him down to Las Vegas; they eat that kind of stuff up down there.

Given the rate news is disseminated in Carson, we’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow’s paper (or tonight’s Reno newscast) to find out what was announced. My stomach will be in knots until them.

Built for the Redesign

Bob Sawyer has started Built for the Future. He saw it as a place to promote forward-thinking design skills, and to showcase websites. Indeed, it does have a little list of nice CSS-based sites. But as early as the second post he started off in a direction that I think might gain him a lot of attention: he started a contest to redesign Jakob Nielsen’s site,

Jakob’s site has often been the butt of many jokes, because it seems to break many of his own rules. Plus, nobody can seem to get over the fact of how ugly it is. So this contest, much like the one that reworked the W3C homepage, is meant to sic designers on the task of redoing Jakob’s site, making it pleasing to the eye, and making it easier to use. Jakob’s given the contest his blessing, but also said that he won’t actually use any of the entries. Supposedly he wants to fold into the nn/group template someday.

I might get around to entering the contest if I can find the time, just for fun. I’m sure than most of the entries will blow mine away, though. I’m looking forward to seeing them!