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August 21, 2003

Revoke our Parent License

What does it say about us that out of the 10 television shows that the Parents Television Council has earmarked as the worst on TV, we watch 5 of them? And that we don’t watch anything on the “best” list? And that we’ve got a baby coming into the house next month, and we’re not going to change our viewing habits? You know, we’ll probably bring the crib into the living room so the kid can watch TV with us. “Hurry up and eat your ice cream, Sammy. There’s S&M on CSI tonight!”

If the PTC only knew, they’d be waiting at the front door when we get home from the hospital, with armed guards backing them up, to take the kid away. It would be worse if they knew we not only watch Will & Grace, but also Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Which amazingly didn’t make the list. Nor did Boy Meets Boy. They must have missed the deadline, ‘cause they’s gay shows, and are corruptin’ the moral fiber. I guess that means our kid’s going to grow up gay, ‘cause he saw it on the tee-vee.