August 28, 2003

AOL Journals

AOL Journals has now launched. Keyword: AOL Journals is finally live, with hints and tips and articles about what you can do with a blog. But from the point of view of a user, there is one thing still missing. I can’t find, anywhere, a list of all the journals I’ve created and their URLs. When you create a journal, you’re sent an email with the URL in it. But AOL deletes your emails after a couple of weeks, so you can’t go back and look if you forget the URL. There is a convoluted way to do it, which involves sending a post by AIM, and then the Journals bot responds with your URL. But there needs to be an easier way than that. Like on the main Journals screen, a list of all the journals you’ve created, and the option to add a post or make changes to any of them. This is a basic feature that’s built into Blogger and Moveable Type, and seems almost indispensible for anyone writing a journal from day to day. But AOL still doesn’t have it, at least not that I’ve found.

Oh wait, scratch that. I just found the list at the AOL Hometown page. It took about six clicks from the main Journals screen to get there. Now, why is that so hard to find?

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