August 31, 2003


Oy. What a day it was yesterday. The baby shower is in one week, and we’re having it at my grandmother-in-law’s house. Yesterday I had to go over there and scrub down the pool, and fill it with clean water. The workmen were just in the week before to replace some of the pipes, so we’re hoping the filter will actually be working next weekend. In any case, the aglae shouldn’t be growing after only a week. Then, having finished that, and sporting my brand new sunburn, I had to go inside and wield the Rug Doctor. All the carpets needed cleaning, so I was dragging that thing all over the house, up and down the halls, into the bedroom, and all over the living room. That sucked out the last little bit of my energy. I got home at 9pm, and flopped down to go to sleep.

I woke up this morning at 11am. If you do the math, you’ll find that’s 14 hours of sleep. I didn’t know the human body could sleep for 14 hours solid like that. Now, it wasn’t solid, since I was drifting in and out of sleep throughout the night. And I had to get up to use the John. But still. I thought you had some sort of a switch buried inside of you that, after a certain amount of sleep, would send out some kind of insomnia signals to the brain. “Okay, buddy. Ten hours is enough for you. You’re awake now.” But that didn’t happen. Either that or my switch is set for 14 hours. Or maybe that’s just how much sleep I needed.

After that I was off for a quick shower (with a sunburn. Eech! Ouch!) and then we were out shopping. And this is still the calm before the storm. On Thursday my mother comes into town, then two weeks after that it’s baby time. Maybe my body knows all of this, and it realized this was the last time I’d have 14 hours straight to use for sleep. So that was my body having pity on me. “Oh, he wants to sleep for fourteen hours? Let ‘im. Last chance he’ll get to sleep.”

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