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October 1, 2003

Hardwood harmony

Yesterday’s project: new floors to replace the carpet I ripped out. Through the generosity of the landlord (my parents), we were able to get a load of hardwood laminate and try it out in the nursery, to see how easy it is to install and how nice it looks. And let me tell you, thumbs up on both counts.

We went for glueless laminate from Home Depot. Installing these planks is a snap, literally. They are built with a tongue and groove design, and you need a little rotating action to get them together. But once they snap into place the seams are invisble, the floor is waterproof, and they won’t come apart without rotating them back the way they came. And at the same price as carpet, you can’t go wrong. Installation is a little tedious, since you have to measure and cut each row individually, make sure the boards are staggered properly, and use a tapping block on each plank to make sure the seams are tight. But I was able to plow through a 10×12 room in about 8 hours, and that includes a break for dinner. Not bad for a first-timer, I suppose.

It seems to have passed the test, which means the rest of the house is destined to get the same treatment. I’m not looking forward to the work that involves, but after seeing the result in one room, I know it will be worth it.