October 10, 2003


Our three weeks of fall starts today. Yesterday it was sweltering. Last night the wind came in, and as it got stronger it also got colder. It’s like a big truck pulled up and dumped a load of autumn in our front yard all at once. Now the leaves on the trees are withering—around here they don’t turn and fall off, they stay green until a cold snap comes and then they wither and die. It’s our way of having a summer that never ends, but when it’s finally over it’s over.

By Halloween it’ll be freezing. And so our sharp slide into winter begins.

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  1. Stepford says:

    LOL – and on this side summer is kicking in, and boy is it HOT! It's supposed to be spring but we seemed to have skipped that and jumped straight into summer.

    Posted October 11, 2003 @ 7:04 am
  2. Al says:

    We just had a similar day — that one day when you just *know* your doomed and another winter is coming any damn second.

    Posted October 18, 2003 @ 9:02 pm

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