October 20, 2003

When rocks fly

It’s a rare newspaper article that raises more questions than it answers. But this weekend there was an article about vandalism that left me wondering exactly what had happened. Check it out:

“Evidently someone shot some good-sized rock through the windows”, said one of the victims Saturday. “They weren’t just thrown they were shot.”

The victim said she could tell by the force of the projectiles that they weren’t just tossed.

There are reactions from the homeowners, and the police say they’re searching for the vandals, but it kind of glosses over the fact that someone out there has a cannon or something that can shoot five pound rocks into houses. And they’re apparently hauling it around in their car. I was hoping the article would deal with the police’s speculations about just what was used to chuck these rocks, but no. I mean, “Police said somebody else had something imbedded in their wall.” Not the kind of thing that happens every day.

Personally, I like the idea of a bunch of surly teens roaming the streets, wheeling a trebuchet from house to house. It sure beats drive-by shootings.

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