October 31, 2003

I’m dreaming of a white…Halloween?

As further evidence that Mother Nature has gone off her lithium and started hitting the gin, we had a snowstorm move in yesterday. On Monday it was 80 degrees, today it’s snowing. I know it usually gets cold around Halloween time, but I think this is going a little overboard. Way to be subtle there, Nature. Winter’s here. We get it.

Also today I’m enjoying one of the perk benefits of living in Nevada. The last Friday in October is always a paid holiday, as everyone takes the three-day weekend to celebrate Nevada Day. Okay, “celebrate” may be stretching it. A small percentage of the populace goes to the parade on Saturday, and a few people go down to the carnival for some good old fashioned spin’n’puke. But most of us just enjoy a day off work and don’t do anything to demonstrate our civic pride. That’s the crowd I’m in.

And this year the timing worked out just right, so I can walk around as one of the few people in the country getting Halloween as a paid holiday. Sweet!

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  1. Margs says:

    Well, at least Sammy was warm in that little Tigger suit. 🙂

    Posted November 2, 2003 @ 3:11 pm

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