December 29, 2003


I’m diving into it. The comments aren’t imported yet and the archives are still a mess, but I want to get it done before the new year and I’m 95% there anyway. So this week I’m switching hosts, from Windows-based Brinkster to Apache-based F2O. This also includes a switch from ASP to PHP, as well as from Blogger to Movable Type. I’ve been running both sites in tandem for a few weeks now, and everything seems to be running smooth over there. My hope is that there won’t even be a hiccup in service, just a switch as the DNS propagates. Everything will stay the same. My e-mail address will be the same, the URLs will remain unchanged, everything will happen behind the scenes.

The only changes will be for the better. One is that the errors I’ve been getting (and possibly some of you too) where the site won’t load should go away. About half the time when I try to look up my own site, I get a “Document contains no data” error in Mozilla. Brinkster Support didn’t even respond when I brought it up with them, and I can’t do with my site being unavailable so much. F2O is half the price anyway, and the money goes to subsidize free accounts for people who want to learn PHP or Movable Type. Like me! So it’s good all around. The changes to this site will be for the better too. This weblog, and Sammy’s Baby Blog, will have integrated comments and real permalinks. I’ve got the templates all ironed out, and pretty soon I’ll be launching an RSS feed.

Changing to PHP and Movable Type might lead to some other new projects down the road, ones I couldn’t do on my old Windows host. But I haven’t had time to deal with that yet. I need to be with little Sammy more than on the computer anyway, and right now he’s still a handful. He’s decided he wants to be a high-need baby, so things should still be slow around here until he gets more independent. Say, at age three. This conversion was my big project, though, and I’ll be glad when it’s over. It’s time to make new stuff, not keep massaging old stuff. Finishing this might even free up some time to work on some other things. Who knows!

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  1. Curt says:

    Good luck with the conversion. I have my site at as well and I’m considering switching to Movable Type just so that I know how to use it. Let us know if it was really worth it once you are done. If I decide to make the move to MT I’ll have lots of questions.

    Posted December 30, 2003 @ 6:16 am

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