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December 30, 2003

Y2K Redux

Who would have guessed Movable Type has a Y2K bug? I was importing comments, and you’re supposed to put them all into a text file and format them just right and shake your magic wand and spin around three times and do all this stuff to get them imported. Since I had written my own database and code to run the comments on my old site, and those comments were linked to the Blogger ID, but Movable Type needed to have the timestamp to associate them with, I had to bring together three separate systems, IDs, and timestamps into one database, and write a custom program to output a text file with all the information formatted just the right way for MT. Through all of that, I slipped up on the comment timestamps. Instead of 11/12/2003 I formatted them as 11/12/03. I didn’t even notice that I had missed that detail. I imported all the comments and rebuilt the site, and started looking through the pages. That’s when I noticed all the comments were from 1903! Ooops. I guess MT really is serious when it says it needs four-digit dates. So that’s when I started panicking about the prospect of having to edit 350 comments by hand, but a quick look in MySQL showed that MT uses a dirt simple database structure. I just had to delete the offending records from the mt_comments table, run a quick find-n-replace on the import file, and re-import them. It looks like it took this time. So now all of the old comments from my Blogger site are sitting comfortably in MT. Now I just have to go back and massage the archives to get the image links working again.

I’m running on the new host now, but the DNS change from the switch is still propagating. I know that for me it seems to alternate every few minutes between the old site (which has now been crippled and gives you an error) and the new site. Just hang in there, things will settle down.