February 1, 2004


In one of those moments when you expect to open up the dictionary and find your own picture, I came across Wednesday’s Word of the Day: hebetude: Mental dullness or sluggishness. That’s exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. There’s no real reason behind it that I can tell, just kind of a sense of quietly drifting along from one day to the next. I’m spending a lot of time taking care of Sam, and doing a lot of good old fashioned computer building and Windows installing at work. But when it comes down to doing something creative, or carrying on a converstation, or anything involving words and original thought, there’s just nothing there. Nothing’s caught my interest enough to write about, and I’m now two months behind on the Ormsby House gallery. Sammy’s photoblog has been easy to keep up with, since that just involves picking out a pretty picture and dropping it in Movable Type. The captions has been getting pretty thin, though.

I’m just in a deep creative dry spell, and that’s bad since my creativity is usually pretty parched to begin with. Something will come along to perk me up out of it, I’m sure. But things might be dead around here until that happens. In the meantime, look to the blogroll for some people who aren’t currently slumping.

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