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February 3, 2004

Tuesday Roundup

John C. Dvorak on the idea of Americans receiving honorary knighthoods from the British Crown:

A U.S. president accepting a Knighthood? It’s ridiculous. What next? Al Sharpton joining the KKK?

Also today: Airports have been selling confiscated nail clippers and scissors on eBay. This has created a new breed of entrepreneur who buys these items in bulk and then sells them back to the public, sometimes even back to the very people who they were confiscated from. Fire departments get cheap Swiss army knives, schools get cheap scissors, and middlemen make a few bucks. It sounds like the only losers are the people dumb enough to think they can bring a hammer on an airplane.

And a while ago I wrote about Future Young Thinker of Tomorrow #2 who was playing with gasoline and ended up getting himself caught on fire. Well, now charges have been brought against his friend, Future Young Thinker of Tomorrow #3, who was found with a lighter and is accused not only of lighting the kid on fire, but also teasing him while he burned, telling him to lie to police, and stopping him from getting to a cell phone for four hours. He, of course, denies it.

This is our future, folks. Might as well blow up the planet now.