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February 15, 2004


AskTog: Top 10 Reasons to Not Shop On Line. Bruce Tognazzini covers ten ways that e-commerce websites still suck like a Hoover.

  • If your site has won a web graphics design award, you are likely in serious need of a redesign. You are likely featuring something useless but pretty or you wouldn’t have won it. Your job is to move product, not to win awards.
  • I pressed the PDF download button, went to dinner in a foreign country, and returned to find the file almost completely downloaded. (It was one of the faster PDF files.) It turned out to be even more marketing hype, with lots of pretty pictures of people picnicking on the beach, although it did reveal that the printer could be connected to a computer.
  • The only reason I can possibly see for Delta presenting data in this 1960’s print-out format is that no one associated with the website has ever visited a competing site, such as Travelocity, so they just don’t know how it should be done.
  • American Express is apparently unaware that e-commerce is done with a computer, not a phone. Pick out the premiere hotel you want on their website, arrive at what should be the ordering page, and it will only tell you to pick up the phone and call them to make the reservation…The final insult? The hotel the website sold me on closed about a year ago.