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June 5, 2004

Virginia City

On Memorial Day we decided to stay away from the big cities and the large parades, and instead go up to see how they do things on the Comstock. We went up to Virginia City, the old mining town that was home to Nevada’s Gold Rush 140 years ago. These days Virginia City is mostly one big tourist area, full of casinos and gift shops and a few motels for those hardy enough to stay the night. All shoehorned into hundred year old buildings among steep, narrow streets. I plan to do a whole section of the site devoted to Virginia City one day. The town is decidedly not modern, but not really historic anymore. VC is perenially stuck between the past and the present.

But today, pictures of the Virginia City Memorial Day parade. The parade ran all of ten minutes, with only about thirty entires. Here are some highlights.

The Fourth Ward School, the start of the parade route. This school was built in 1875 when 30,000 people lived in this tiny town. The last class graduated in 1936.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Merchant Marines

Camels! Surprisingly, Virginia City is well known for its camels.

…“Was 1983 Ford Escort. Look at me now.” Oh, I’m looking all right.


What parade would be complete without a washboard band?

Dune buggies!

The Virginia City high school band. This year the whole band won’t fit in the back of the pickup anymore, so the drummer has to sit in the trailer.

Pony wagons

The Virginia City Yaght (sic) Club

I don’t know what this was, but it had lots of crazy whistles attached, and it marked the end of the parade.

You know, any parade with dune buggies and camels is A-OK with me.