June 9, 2004

Firefox 0.9

Mozilla is planning on releasing Firefox 0.9 by this weekend. I’ve been looking at a few of the recent nightly builds, and it’s going to have a few new things, including a new theme. At first the new theme was a little jarring over the old one, Qute, but I’ll give it some time before I think about switching back.

But most exciting about 0.9 is that it means Firefox 1.0 is coming out next. The first few releases, back when it was still Phoenix, didn’t impress me much, but at some point in the last six months I stopped using regular Mozilla and didn’t look back. But I can’t tell if the 1.0 release will mark when their focus shifts from the Mozilla Suite over to Firefox/Thunderbird, like their roadmap says they will. If anything, the Mozilla organization has excelled at changing their mind, and often, so I never look more than a couple of weeks ahead with them.

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