July 13, 2004

Whispers of the coming inferno

A thin orange haze started filling the skies earlier today. Not much, just a slightly noticable tint to the sunlight. Now it’s becoming a thick orange haze, with a very distinctive smell. That can only mean one thing: Wildfire! And given the wind direction and where the smoke seems to be coming from, my uneducated guess puts the fire somewhere near Lake Tahoe.

Due to years of drought, disease, and bark beetles, the Tahoe Basin is basically a big box of dry kindling. One match and the whole place could go up like a flashpot. It’s a credit to the firefighters that Tahoe hasn’t had its big one yet. I wonder if this could be it.

I don’t see anything about a fire on the web yet. I’ll have more as I find out, but I’m scheduled to get out of town Thursday morning. I wonder if there will still be a town left to come back to.

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