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July 15, 2004

News from the 541

Writing from Roseburg, Oregon tonight. On the road to Seattle, WA, and points beyond. 500 miles of driving today, nearly as much tomorrow.

When we left town this morning, the fire had been pushed up into the hills and wasn’t threatening town anymore. After we left it turned around and swept through Timberline, one of the fancy neighborhoods, where it destroyed a dozen homes. It then surrounded Lakeview, another neighborhood full of million-dollar homes. The firefighters have kept all the structures there safe, at least so far.

A few hours after we left, the four-lane freeway out of town was closed due to the fire, and all traffic was rerouted onto the windy, two-lane mountain roads of Virginia City. I heard traffic was backed up for hours and hours.

Got out of town just in time.

More from the road later.