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July 18, 2004

Redmond, Part Deux

Things did improve a little bit, and we ended up getting a sprinkling of rain. Plus we got the drive-thru tour of the Microsoft campus. No BillG, no ski masks, but we almost got chased by security, and we did see about 5 Mini Coopers. Drooool…

And on the best note, the whole day ended like this.

Any day that ends like this is not one you can complain about.


I’m sitting here in an apartment in Redmond, just blocks from the Microsoft campus, connecting over a borrowed Wi-Fi conection (thanks girish@285!). You’d think that for an apartment complex that’s mostly occupied by Softies, there would be more hotspots. I only found half a dozen, and most of them were locked down (those paranoid buggers). But this one is open, and the guy’s even advertising his apartment number, so it’s good all around.

I’m just here on a family vacation, not any kind of business. But we’re geting ready to put on the ski masks and storm BillG’s office soon, so I guess that might be considered work-related.

It’s way too hot up here. We came to escape the Nevada weather, but it turned out the be 80 degress and sunny. Bleah. But at least it’s not blanketed in smoke, so I guess there’s one advantage over our house.