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July 8, 2004



July 7, 2004

Return of the Race

The Amazing Race did not disappoint last night. It does get a little weaker each year, mostly because the people they cast get a little younger and a little prettier and a little more generic each time, but that seems to be a common thread in the life cycle of every reality show. The Race still blows away any other reality show out there, and is a more enjoyable and engrossing hour than most scripted shows.

And their website is a knockout this year too, with six-page recaps of each episode, loads of travel information about each location they visit, a behind-the-scenes FAQ, and scads of cutting-room-floor footage. They’ve never gone this in-depth before. They must realize there are plenty of fans out there looking for just this kind of info. Gotta keep the fans happy!

The first couple of years this show was on, the contestants seemed to be at least a little bit intelligent and capable. The show would give them a relatively obscure clue, and they’d have to consult with the locals and look at maps and try to figure out where they’re supposed to go. This year they tell the people exactly where to go, they give them the exact address, they do everything but put a flashing neon sign on top of the route markers, which are already painted bright red and yellow, and still the nitwits walk right by. Yes it makes for a hilarious moment when the team breezes right by the box, and the cameraman following them turns towards it and zooms in, and the sound editors add a little “Zing!” to the soundtrack. But after it happens a half dozen times it stops being funny so much and just starts being sad. You have to seriously wonder how these people put their pants on in the morning without hurting themselves.

Anyway, it should be a good summer, even if you’re hoping for everybody to lose. And of course the show would be nothing without Miss Alli’s excellent recaps over at TWoP. Clocking in at over twenty pages each, they make the perfect companion to an already outstanding show. It takes her a few days to write them, so look for the first one this weekend.

And above all, watch the show!

July 6, 2004


I fully expect each and every one of you (every one in the US, at least) to tune in to The Amazing Race on CBS tonight (and every Tuesday). Yes, I’ve written about it before. This show has been on for five seasons, it’s critically acclaimed, and it won an Emmy, beating out Survivor and American Idol for best Reality/Competition show. But it still needs all the viewers it can get. So tune it in. You won’t be disappointed. 9:30 pm tonight, 10pm every other week.

I’m not forcing you to tune in to the Big Brother lead-in, though. I wouldn’t be mean enough to do that to anyone.

July 3, 2004


Found while digging through my company’s photo files:

You’re supposed to stop before the crossing, not on it.

Osmose is a company that works on railroads and should, therefore, theoretically know better.

July 1, 2004

Down the Old Ormsby trail again

It’s the first of the month, and that means it’s time for another Ormsby House update. It’s actually on time this month!

Standard stuff: Cool photos, lame writing. If you’ve checked it out before, you know the drill. Go look at the new stuff. You know you want to. And remember, now with 100% more RSS.

Bonus link for the rest of you: Escape From the Nazi Headhunters.