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August 4, 2004

The Visible In-N-Out

After writing about In-N-Out Burger the other day, I drove around the building and took some pictures of their progress. That’s why it was a big shock to me to watch the Channel 2 nightly news from Reno tonight, and hear this quote:

The location in Douglas County has been picked but construction hasn’t started.

Gosh, good to know the media is always on top of the story!

Here are some pics. Click to see larger.

The front entrance, with the highway barely visible in the background.

The main side entrance. This store looks like it will laid out just like every other one I’ve been in; walking through this door will take you straight to the counter.

The view from the highway. On the left is the Coming Soon sign. On the right is a Grand Opening sign for the new Quizno’s Subs.

A closeup of the long-awaited Coming Soon sign. Bonus: some guy on a ladder!!

You know, maybe we don’t want the people in Reno to know that it’s about to open. If they think it hasn’t been built, it might cut down on the opening week crowds.