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September 23, 2004

More In-N-Out Goodness

It’s a double dose of In-N-Out Burger! Yesterday I posted a few new pictures of our restaurant in Carson City, and then today I get word that the one in Reno has already opened. Just this morning, in fact. Well, knock me silly!

Of course, I’m not going anywhere near the place for weeks. I’ve heard about In-N-Outs opening in Phoenix and other places, and visitors being met with a four-hour wait. Lines in Reno sound like they’re similarly long, according to the quote in the news report: “Some say the long lines made the fast in fast food not apply today.”

So count me among the patient ones who can wait for the furor to die down a little. We’re going to Reno tomorrow, and I’ll sneak a peek at the line, but I’m not expecting good things. And ours here in Carson City will be open in just a couple more months, so pretty soon I’ll be sick of the place. All in good time.

I’ll be collecting more local news reports over on my In-N-Out page as they come in. Both of you who are interested can keep checking back.

Update: Photos! Yay!