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October 6, 2004

Drug Company Swag

Computer companies aren’t the only ones who give out swag. Although Google did give out these cool glowing cups at Gnomedex, in several chemically fluorescent colors.

But it’s not just computer companies. Today I went to a shindig at the Nevada Mental Health offices, and they had the best swag of all, drug company swag!

Lexapro came through for us with food, in the form of cups full of trail mix. Of course, it couldn’t compare to the agency-provided ham sandwiches and chocolate cake in the next room, but at least they tried.

Lexapro also gave out these weak little Post-It pads.

A variety of pens. Mostly Lexapro, but a nice little ReQuip snuck in there too.

Namenda took the Post-It idea and ran with it, offering up this two-inch slab of sticky notes, in its own attractive little holder. Take that, Lexapro! I’ll see your depression and raise you an Alzheimer’s!

That’s almost what a burger’s all about

Today there are a few more In-N-Out pictures up. The place is almost finished; won’t be long now until we’re shoveling burgers in our mouth!