October 16, 2004

Cult of In-N-Out

Christopher Baus says in my comments:

In n’ Out is like a cult. I personally don’t get it.

There are cultish parts to it, like that guy who bought 40 burgers at once. But for me, it’s just about the taste. It’s a damn good burger, and you’d be hard pressed to find better at a fast food joint. You probably could beat it with an Awful Awful down at the Nugget[s], but then you’re committed to at least 45 minutes and a couple dollars more. If you’re just looking for something cheap and fast, In-N-Out is a remarkable deal both ways. Plus, it gets good endorsements from the folks behind Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me, both of which are virulently anti-fast food. So that counts for something too.

And I know there’s evidence to the contrary, but I’m actually not a huge In-N-Out nut. I did the website because I like posting pictures, and I knew that an in-depth study of the In-N-Out would get some hits. I don’t go to casinos either, but look at how much work I’ve put into the Ormsby House. I’m just a big website nut. I like it when I have a new idea for a photo gallery. And I only gave the opening so much coverage because of the special treatment I got. Give me free burgers and a couple of t-shirts, and you’ve just bought yourself a lot of free press. It’s Gonzo Marketing at its best.

In this area, I think the scarcity whipped up a huge frenzy. In-N-Out was a special treat because it was something you could only have while on vacation. It was the same way with Weinerschnitzel back in the 90’s. The only Weinerschnitzel in town was torn down in the 80’s to make way for Smith’s supermarket, and so you had to go to California to get your hot dog fix. When it finally came back to the area, first to Reno and then to Carson, folks went nuts. Six years later it’s happening again, this time with burgers. In-N-Out for me is just one on a long list of chains that I desperately wish would come to the Reno/Carson area. I’m just as passionate about the Old Spaghetti Factory, and a Southland mexcian food chain called Don Jose. I was thrilled when Del Taco and Chili’s finally came to Carson, so we didn’t have to drive to Reno anymore. And it’s not just about restaurants. When we travel we like going to Fred Meyer, because it’s like Super Wal*Mart without the white trash vibe. And I’ve yet to find a better supermarket than Haggen, in the Seattle area. All that’s happened is one got crossed off the list: our In-N-Out is here, it’s open, and now we don’t have to treat it like anything special anymore.

But if you really want to see me go wild, build an Old Spaghetti Factory in Carson.

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