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January 6, 2005

Thursday Stuff

Just a couple of interesting links that get even more interesting in the comments discussion.

Danah Boyd talks about the announced merger of Movable Type and LiveJournal, and how the two may seem like just “blogging tools” but are really very different and have different uses and users.

Bloggers love to talk about LJ with disdain, as a low-brow version of the culture.

Jump inside LJ culture. People who use LJ talk about their LJs, not their blogs. They mock bloggers who want to be pundits, journalists, experts. In essence, they mock the culture of bloggers that use Six Apart’s tools. During interviews with LJ/Xanga folks, i’ve been told that MovableType is for people with no friends, people who just talk to be heard, people who are trying too hard.

And then some of the best stuff is in the comments:

I think that mainstream legitimacy will be the worst thing for LJ in the long run.

I don’t like the idea of LiveJournal becoming another GeoCities.

I, too found that LJ is really “ghettoized” in the academic community.

And then, switching topics completely, is Dean Esmay writing about Black Vernacular English, better known as “Ebonics”. Things get really heated in the comments here, but Dean never wavers from his stance, which is that Ebonics is not just illiterate street talk, it’s actually a whole language in itself. And teachers have to accept that if there is ever to be any hope of teaching kids American English. Dean:

No it is not stupid, it is not ungrammatical, it is not backwards. It is perfectly valid language, and by refusing to acknowledge that, you’re holding kids back from learning better Standard English.

And finally, Dan Gillmor has quit his job to focus on grassroots/citizens journalism, and he’s already bemoaning how some companies, (he singles out Wal*Mart), won’t let anyone take pictures on their property without permission, even if there is breaking news going on. In the comments someone challenges us all to defy that rule and post Wal*Mart pictures. I’m way ahead of them. I’ve been taking pictures in Wal*Mart for years. These are from 2002.