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January 10, 2005

IE Going Down

Looks like Internet Explorer is finally in serious trouble. Based on one report, a survey of Robin Good’s server logs (covering “200,000 unique visitors” all over the world), IE’s market share has slipped from 91% to 70%, most of that being picked up by Firefox just in the last three months.

Now, of course this is just based on one person’s logs, but it’s a trend I’ve been hearing about a lot lately. Firefox has finally given people something better to switch to, and it’s taking off in a way Mozilla was supposed to but never did. If this keeps up, Microsoft’s hand may be forced and they might just have to release IE7 as a stand-alone product after all, even though they swore they’d only release it as part of Longhorn. But is it already too late? If IE7 does come out, it would have to be better than Firefox to get people to switch back. Not just equivalent, but faster and easier with more features.