January 20, 2005


This week we’ve been caught in the grip of fog every day until late morning. And we’ve been running into pogonip – that’s where the conditions are just right for the fog to freeze, and for ice crystals to build up on all the trees. It doesn’t happen very often—even fog and snow don’t happen very often around here—but it’s pretty cool when it does.

Looking down the street, visibility is low and all the trees are white. The temperature is about 20° F.

It hasn’t snowed in two weeks, but things are as white as ever.

The trees are growing leaves again – leaves of ice.

A closeup of the tangle of branches, all coated in ice.

The tiny crystals form in all directions. Once the sun comes out, they slowly melt and fall away, creating a mini snowstorm underneath the branches. By mid-afternoon it’s all gone.

Even the icicles have ice!

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  1. Mama Schrantz says:

    It’s probably nice and sunny up at the Lake.

    Posted January 21, 2005 @ 7:54 am
  2. Carson City Fog | The Computer Vet Weblog says:

    […] It’s far too seldom that fog rolls into Carson City. I wish it would happen more often, but it usually seems like it’s only in January that we get any kind of serious fog to speak of. This weekend we’ve been treated to some great soupy fog both Saturday and Sunday mornings, stuff that just rolls in and wraps itself around all the buildings in town. Of course it’s been burning off later in the day, and it looks like the weather systems are going to change next week to bring in more of a real storm. But it has given us two fantastic mornings so far. The only thing missing is the pogonip that comes when you combine fog like this with low temperature; the temps in the morning have been hovering in the 30s, a little too warm for true pogonip to form. 2005 brought us some excellent pogonip; go back and look at those pictures. […]

    Posted January 10, 2010 @ 4:48 pm

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