August 21, 2005

Northern Nevada Podcasters

You can tell this whole podcasting thing has really caught on, because now we’ve got a couple of podcasters right here in Northern Nevada. I always think of this Reno/Tahoe area as being a few steps behind the times technologically, so it always shocks me to find a new blogger to add to my list (look to the right there, under “Northern Nevada Blogs”). But now I’ve actually found that some of those bloggers are podcasters too! I guess it’s easy to forget that there are a few individuals out there that do keep up with the times, after all.

Here are the Northern Nevada podcasts I’ve found so far:
Mr. Jerz was one of the first Northern Nevada bloggers I found, and he was also the first podcaster I found. Topics include technology and sports.

Richard Barnet
Richard doesn’t podcast alone. He gets his wife involved, his kids, and even, it sounds like, his parents. It’s a big family affair where they talk about what they’ve been doing lately, which seems to involve a lot of geocaching.

The Reno Lake Tahoe Entertainment Report
This fairly professional-sounding podcast is put together by Don Tucker. Sometimes it almost sounds too professional. The intro especially, with its wacky sound effects and Simpsons quotes, gives me flashbacks of bad morning disc jockey shows. That could be a by-product of their affiliation with the Association of Music Podcasting. But once you get past the annoying bumpers, the podcast itself is filled with music that’s relevant to Reno, both from local bands and from national acts that are coming through the area on tour. And Don Tucker’s voice, also, is almost too good for podcasting. He sounds like he should be on the radio, but there probably isn’t a local station that would let him do a show like this.

Community Services Agency
Apparently this is what Richard Barnet (see above) does for a day job. This is a pretty short (60-90 seconds) and dry podcast describing what’s going on at this non-profit agency. Not remarkable for its content, but just for the fact that it’s being done at all, from a source that you wouldn’t expect to be podcasting. Looks like Richard must be a pretty good evangelist!

It gives me a lot of hope that Reno’s starting to get on the podcasting map. It makes me wonder how many podcast listeners there are around here, who aren’t blogging about it.

And I’m always looking for more local stuff, so if you know of other blogs or podcasts from the area, clue me in to them.

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  1. Richard Barnet says:

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the mention and the links! I few friends of mine are also Reno bloggers:

    Brad Carpenter:

    Mike Carpenter:

    I actually have moved to Boise, but my family still lives in Reno, so I’ll be back from time to time, blogging while I’m there, so I’m still a Northern Nevada blogger – in a sense. =)

    — Richard

    Posted September 29, 2005 @ 11:44 pm

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