August 25, 2005

Harvey’s Bombing Anniversary

25 years ago this week, a bomb was smuggled into Harvey’s Hotel/Casino at Lake Tahoe. A demand for $3 million was received, but many things went wrong with the negotiations and the bomb ended up being detonated, destroying a large part of the casino and causing millions of dollars of damage. Now, all these years later, Harvey’s has fully recovered, but the memories of those tense days still remain. To commemorate the anniversary, Reno Gazette Journal editor Jim Sloan dug through stacks of interviews, court documents, and newspaper archives to put together an in-depth report on the bombing. It’s so in-depth that it’s been split into 8 parts, and installments are appearing daily in the newspaper and its website.

The one thing the story is lacking, though, is a single index page linking to all the installments. To find the stories on the website you have to dig through days worth of archives and “related links”. The series has an introduction page, an about page, and summaries of upcoming installments, but nowhere is there an actual link to all the articles. So that’s what I’m gathering here, so you can read through them without having to dig around.


8/21/2005: Day 1: Special delivery for Harvey Gross

8/22/2005: Day 2: A stern warning: ‘It is full of TNT’

8/23/2005: Day 3: From hard-earned riches to blackjack tables

8/24/2005: Day 4: ‘We never expected them to get the bomb inside the casino’

8/25/2005: Day 5: The payoff: ‘There will be no extension or renegotiation’

8/26/2005: Day 6: The bungled extortion: A cold night in a forest full of bees

8/27/2005: Day 7: In a deserted casino, bomb experts flip the switch

8/28/2005: Day 8: Once the charge was set, there was no going back, and news video of the explosion.

Update: They’re linking to their own index page now.

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  1. A reader says:

    Thanks, but I’m not sure I have the energy to read through all those stories. Eight parts? Maybe they should have just published a special section.

    Posted August 25, 2005 @ 8:53 pm
  2. richard lawson says:

    Great articles! Some of the details are a little different than I remember, but, nothing drastic. I was in Security at Harvey’s during the bomb and eventually promoted to Assistant to the President and General Manager, Richard Kudrna, because of the job I did for the family.

    Posted May 18, 2006 @ 3:14 pm
  3. Star says:

    I know that mastermind John Birges, Sr. died in prison of liver cancer back in the late ’90’s, but what of all the others that were involved in the incident? Have they been paroled?

    Posted March 22, 2009 @ 3:07 pm

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