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February 3, 2006

The Tall Girl

Being a tall guy (6’4”) isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s kind of nice, the occassional small doorway or low-hanging branch notwithstanding. But what gets old is when people everywhere feel compelled to comment on how tall you are, either by asking your height, or just by stating, “Gee, you’re tall.” Thanks, I hadn’t noticed. And then, inevitably, comes the question about playing basketball. Which is kind of a touchy subject, because I can play basketball about as well as I can breathe underwater, except with more flailing.

But if my stature as a tall guy gathers a lot of attention, what must it be like to be a tall girl? That’s the question answered in Don’t Harass the Tall Girl, an awesome new Reno-based blog that I just discovered. In it we are introduced to the daily adventures of Cladeedah as she tries to live life at 6’5”, and the comments she must endure from such great heights. She has taken to documenting every time someone comments on her height, either individually or together with her 6’6” husband. The result is a months-long account of serial harrassment, as every checkout girl, small child, grandmother, and random bystander off the street has to ask how tall she is, and how well she plays basketball. She’s up to 204 incidents, or “scenes”, as she calls them, but looking through her archives I feel cheated because scenes 75-175 happened on her honeymoon and she just lumped them all together into one post.

So don’t worry, I won’t harrass the tall girl if I ever meet her. I and my neck will just be relieved that I can finally look up at someone instead of looking down all day.