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February 8, 2006

Renovation, Interrupted

We were supposed to have all the big renovations on our house finished by now. The carpenter was out all last week installing windows, and he only had the garden window in the kitchen and the two sets of french doors left to get to. And the roofers were scheduled to come on Friday, to remove those few shingles that haven’t blown off yet and give our house a brand new hat. But it wasn’t to be. The weather was too windy last week for the carpenter to finish his job, and then he had to leave town on Sunday for a family emergency. And the roofers’ truck broke down, so they had to reschedule all their jobs, pushing our house back two weeks. So here we are, with everything half finished, wondering if our house will ever really be done.

I guess these are just the kinds of delays you have to get used to when you’re having work done on your house. We arranged all of this work back in December, and it’s all finally happening now. So we’ve already been sitting around for two months wondering when we’d ever see any workmen. And the carpenter, when he was installing the windows, found water damage and mold in the bathroom walls. The bathroom walls I just installed two years ago. So I guess that proves that no matter how much caulk you throw at a problem, water always finds a way.

So now on top of the half-finished window job and the forever-delayed roof job, I now have to tear apart the bathroom again and start over. I think I’ll put up tile this time. There’s got to be a way to stop that water from leaking through.