February 15, 2006

Tear It Down?

Presbyterian Church

At Around Carson: The Battle for the Presbyterian Church. The story of the historic church in Carson City, 140+ years old, where the congregation wants to tear it down but the City and State want it saved.

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  1. Hu Yang says:

    I agree with the congregation, Tear It down, DARN IT. It is amazing how all these “preservationists” always run around with blinders on. This is actually a separation of church and state case. Any religious congregation should have the right to initiate actions that would increase and enhance the survivalibility of its membership. How would the citizens feel if the congregation moved its membership out of Carson City and abondoned the structure to be taken care of by the City?
    I would guarentee the would be a lot of angry citizens. I believe in preserving historical structures but a church congregation should not have to build a museum piece for some citizens who would not attend any services in the first place.
    If you want to keep it , pay for it. Renovation would not help the existing congregation. And the existing congregation is not wealthy enough to pay for preservation so TEAR IT DOWN.
    As that great mis-Communicatior Ronald Raygun was apt to say, “….tear those walls down….”

    Posted February 17, 2006 @ 9:17 am

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