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July 24, 2006

Windows Vista Build 5472

The slow march to Windows Vista continues. Another Community Technology Preview has been released, this one is Build 5472. It’s supposedly the last public release before Release Candidate 1 comes out later this summer. You know, if they keep up at this pace they might actually hit the January release date. What will we do without any more Vista slippages? I’ll feel so empty inside.

Now this Build 5472 isn’t available to the whole public. It’s only for special Microsoft subscribers. For ordinary Joes like you and me, we’re supposed to still be using the Beta 2 they came out with last month. Which you can’t even download anymore. But it’s always fun to kill some time by installing the latest builds, and I always find a way to download the new builds when they come out (cough cough). So later this week I should be playing with this new system. It’s supposed to run faster, with fewer annoying “Are You Sure” popups than the previous builds. I sure hope so. Vista has this thing called “User Account Control”, where when you do anything that requires administrator access, the screen goes grey and this box pops up asking if you’re sure. I guess the idea is that this way no spyware can install without you knowing about it. But it comes across like Microsoft’s screaming at us: “See! We’re serious about security! You can’t do anything now without jumping through thirteen hoops! See!” It’s more of a response to their critics than it is any kind of useful feature, so I’m glad to hear they’re toning it down.